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Erin, Operations Manager

4596As the Operations Manager, Erin Ditto-McKee handles the day to day functions of the office, human resources operations and compliance. Erin has 10 years of experience in the homecare/healthcare field. Her education in Psychology and Religious Studies gave her tools that she uses everyday in working with people, their experiences and their emotions. Erin loves working at a place with so much heart that truly cares deeply about their clients and employees. Her passion for working with people and guiding them to be the best caregivers they can make her a vital part of the Cypress team. When Erin isn’t working, she loves to do crafts, spend time outdoors and listen to music. On Sundays, you can find her making her own music in the church choir.

“I am passionate about guiding our staff on how to professionally care for our clients. It starts with our incredible caregivers and I am dedicated to forming them so they can in turn serve and support our clients with a professional, but passionate heart!”

Michelle, Director of Memory Care Programs

4648As the Director of Memory Care Programs, Michelle Toft spends much of her time educating caregivers, clients and the public on dementia. She earned her Master of Social Work in 1997, then in 2011 her Masters of Education in Human Resource Development in 2011. She has managed many memory units in both skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. Michelle came to Cypress after working as a social worker supporting families and educating associates at one of the leading assisted living providers of memory care in the Phoenix area. Working at Cypress allows Michelle to continue to educate people while directly impacting the lives of the people we serve. She continues to be a respected speaker on dementia care in the Phoenix area, providing education to community, church, and professional groups and organizations on a regular basis. When she’s not working, Michelle likes to spend time with the children, family and friends, cooking new dishes, having family game night, camping and swimming.

“Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain’ and I am honored that people allowing me to come into their lives during a storm and help teach them to dance.”

Jannice, Scheduling Coordinator

4641As a Scheduling Coordinator, Jannice Gabriel makes sure that every client who needs care is matched up to the perfect caregiver for him/her. Her position is one that keeps Cypress rolling. Jannice works directly with the clients and caregivers to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met. She has 15 years of experience in homecare/healthcare. Jannice loves what she does because she gets to help people every day and gets fulfillment out of satisfying both client and caregiver needs. When she’s not working, she loves doing nail art and designs and working in her garden.

“I’m passionate about being there for anyone needing help, both on a professional and personal level. I love having an impact on clients and caregiver and hearing the appreciation in their voice when I help them with an issue.”

Jodi, Business Manager

4586As the Business Manager, Jodi Parnell takes care of everything from office supplies to pay checks and everything in between! She has worked in the human resources department and payroll department for over 25 years in other fields but prefers homecare. Jodi enjoys the human element present at Cypress and likes working for an organization whose mission is to enhance other people’s lives. Her positive and kind personality helps to create great team spirit. When Jodi isn’t working she loves spending time with her friends and family, being outdoors hiking and biking, travelling and going to the beach.

“I have a strong passion for helping others and this position fulfills my passion every day utilizing by professional skills that I have acquired through years of experience. I enjoy seeing how others at Cypress share this same passion.”

Leah, Lead Scheduling Coordinator

4679As the Lead Scheduling Coordinator, Leah Sellers ensures that every client has the care they need, day or night. She works endlessly to make sure that the match between client and caregiver is just right. Leah has been in the health care field for nearly 20 years on both the clinical and administrative side. Her education as a Certified Nursing Assistant provides her with insight into being a caregiver. Leah is very passionate about getting to know both the caregivers and the clients to not only ensure a good match but simply to learn about people and their stories. She gets lots of fulfillment out of helping families through that difficult first call about their loved one needing care to the days when they have been matched with the appropriate caregiver. When Leah isn’t working she is doing beautiful paintings with acrylic and spending time with her family, two cats and a dog!

“I would say that my biggest accomplishment in the homecare field is that I have truly helped families in need and that is something that I always carry with me. I have gotten calls from family members that are taking that initial step in finding home care. Often times they may be the only one providing care to their loved one, perhaps trying to manage a household or a career as well. Making that initial step is hard for them and it can come with a lot of guilt and stress. When I call them back in a few weeks – after they have a caregiver established- and I hear the relief in their words and their voices, that is truly all the recognition I need.”

Kathleen, Marketing Communications Assistant

4673As the Marketing Communications Assistant, Kathleen Shiman works to make sure that the clients and their families, caregivers and the community are all aware of what Cypress is doing and what they have to offer. She has a passion for working to better the lives of people who are either marginalized in some way or who can’t advocate for themselves. Kathleen’s education in Public Communication and Applied Design prepared her to both work with people and create effective communications for use within the community. She loves working at Cypress because her position allows her to use creativity while improving the lives of the people in her community. When she’s not working, Kathleen loves spending time outside, listening to music, bowling and traveling.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to be in a field where I can work to improve the community where I live and the lives of the people living in it. Cypress allows me to do this while working with fantastic people who really care about the mission. That’s the best thing about the Cypress, the care.”

Holly, On Call Scheduler

4611As the on call Scheduler, Holly Stearns makes herself available every evening and weekend to personally handle any issues or staffing concerns that may come up after office hours. She has over 17 years of combined experience in healthcare and homecare which has set her up well to work with our clients and caregivers. Holly enjoys helping people and problem solving to make a difference in their lives, which fits perfectly with what she gets to do at Cypress. When she isn’t working, Holly loves spending time with her family, both immediate and extended.

“To me, my biggest accomplishment is when a client calls me after hours asking for help and when I am able to help them – this is very satisfying to me. At the end of the day this is what working for Cypress is all about.”

Andrea, Director of Client Services

4622As the Director of Client Services, Andrea Garcia handles all of the community outreach and external marketing at Cypress. Her education in Business Management has set her up well to be the face of Cypress and enables her to interact in a professional yet friendly way with all of our community partners. Having grown up in a family with many older adults Andrea developed a strong passion for the aging population. She enjoys working at Cypress because she can continue to act as an advocate for those who need it as she has with her mother, grand-mother and countless over relatives. Andrea works to instill her own values into her three children by volunteering with them at the memory care community on the weekends.

“There’s no feeling that can compare to the joy and light you see on the residence face and body language as we walk in and let them know we’re here to spend a couple of hours with them.”

Melissa, Human Resources Assistant

AMelissa3s the Human Resources Assistant, Melissa Cuaron takes part in the hiring process, daily functions of the office and ensures that all caregivers are up to date on their certifications. She has earned several certifications herself, including Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Physical Therapy Tech (PTT), Chiropractic Assistant (CA) and Human Resources Management so she is no stranger to the homecare/healthcare field. Melissa has over 10 years experience in the industry and was a supervisor to over 80 caregivers! Melissa chose to work at Cypress because she supports the mission and is passionate about helping people in any way that she can. When she’s not working, Melissa enjoys spending time outdoors camping, fishing, walking and at the beach. She also loves all types of music, dancing, cooking and grilling!

“I would provide respite care for a family in need even if I didn’t get paid to do it.”

Bob, Managing Partner

4711As the Managing Partner, Bob Roth is in charge of big picture decisions. He’s also very involved in the community from hosting radio shows and writing publications to attending networking events and educational conferences. Bob is always striving for better and wants to continuously improve the quality of lives for his employees and clients. His education in business management and marketing has set him up for success in his field. Bob was inspired to start Cypress HomeCare solutions with his family after his experience being a family caregiver for his mother. Since then, he’s been dedicated to providing older adults with the tools and resources they need to age successfully in place. During Bob’s 15 years in the homecare industry, he’s lead Cypress to win the Better Business Bureau’s Business Ethics Award. This was a huge accomplishment in its self, but to be the only homecare agency to be nominated let alone to win was the biggest accomplishment for Cypress. When he’s not working, Bob enjoys playing golf and tennis and hiking and walking with Lacey, who also happens to be the Cypress HomeCare Solutions Pet Therapy dog.

When my 93-year-old father took ill two years ago, I turned to Cypress HomeCare for assistance. It was one of the wisest decisions I made during an extremely difficult time. They treated my dad — and me — like we were family.

– Bill, son of client

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