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Lacey is Looking Ahead to Tokyo 2020

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Events Lacey is Working On:

1. Provide Comfort to Trainers
2. Cute Poolside Spectator
3. Heating Pad to Athletes
4. Swimming to Retrieve
5. Tennis Ball Girl Dog
6. Extreme Keep Away

Lacey’s Blog: Watch TV and See Me!

Tomorrow is a big day for this playful pooch — I’m going to be on TV! Yup, I have somehow wagged my way onto Sonoran Living Live, a local show here in Phoenix. I will be strutting my pet therapy stuff, with the help of my coach Susie, and showing how much I love to give love and comfort to people who need it most. I will make my grand entrance in the morning at 9 a.m. on channel 15, so stay tuned! As a side note, I promise not to fall asleep when I make my Sonoran Living appearance.

P.S. Just last month my dad (and boss) Bob Roth was on the same show. I think he did pretty good, though he didn’t have my melt-your-heart brown eyes and warm nose to his advantage! I guess we’ll just have to see who the top dog is after tomorrow. For starters, watch the Cypress segment below then get ready to see your favorite therapy dog tomorrow morning!

Lacey’s Blog: Dogs Bringing Love to the Boston Community

Watching the news this week has been ruff. As a therapy dog, it’s hard for me to imagine someone doing something so awful as hurting dog’s best friends. It’s no secret that I’m an am-basset-dor of love and compassion, so I feel it is my doggy duty to point out how my fellow “furry counselors” are giving comfort — and cuddles — to those in need.

Three specially trained golden retrievers are spending time with victims, their families and the whole Boston community to give much-needed love and affection. As I’ve written before, I am so proud to be a dog whose breed-mates often take a stand when tragedy occurs, doing everything in their paw-er to help others. Just like the brave humans who stepped up in the moment, my puppy pals are giving their hearts and unconditional love to the people around them.

Nothing is better than knowing you feel loved and cared for, so take a moment to say thank you to the first responders that live in our communities across the country. And if you happen to come across some of my pet therapy brothers or sisters, give them a shout out for me!

With my friend Hilly (right), a Canine Companions therapy dog

Cypress HomeCare Solutions provided caregivers for my father and disabled son. In all cases, the caregivers they sent were well trained and very compassionate to the needs of my family members. I would highly recommend Cypress if you are in need of a caregiver.

– Warren, son and father of client

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