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Our Alzheimer’s Caregivers and the AlzBetter Program

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The AlzBetter program consists of five key elements that when combined, create a unique platform for caring for people with dementia. These include:

  • 1) Structure

    People with dementia do much better when their day is structured with meaningful activities. Our AlzBetter software focuses on creating that structure with a daily schedule that matches the care recipient’s current level of dementia.

  • 2) Activities

    The right activities at the right time of day can make a big difference in successfully caring for a person with dementia. Our philosophy is that they should be adapted, not removed from a person’s structured schedule and should match the person’s current level of dementia.

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    3) Quality of Life

    The Quality of Life (QOL) for both the care recipient and caregiver are important and should be measured regularly. The AlzBetter software measures theses behaviors, identifying patterns and helping to proactively make adjustments or address problematic issues.

  • 4) Training/Education

    All people involved in the care of a person with dementia should receive training and education about the disease. Informed family members and well-­‐trained caregivers are critical to successfully managing a person with dementia

  • 5) Support

    Caring for a person with dementia is extremely stressful and constantly offers new challenges. All members of the care team require different types of support, including the family members, paid caregivers and care managers.

When my 93-year-old father took ill two years ago, I turned to Cypress HomeCare for assistance. It was one of the wisest decisions I made during an extremely difficult time. They treated my dad — and me — like we were family.

– Bill, son of client

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